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Q       How can I get to Dalyan?

A       By Air, flights are available to Dalaman airport throughout the year from Europe and all UK airports during the summer months.  During the winter months there are less flights so you may have to come via Antalya or Istanbul.  Flying time is approximately 4 hrs from London.  The International Airport of Dalaman is 30 minutes from Dalyan.

Q       Do I need a Visa?

A       Yes, visit to see the latest costs and how to buy a visa.

Q       Is there a travel service from Dalaman to Dalyan?

A       Yes, you can either get a Taxi from the airport or a Dolmus from Dalaman town (too far to walk but a 5-7 minute taxi ride), alternatively we can arrange an airport transfer which is 20 lira cheaper than a taxi.

Q       Is there a transport service in Dalyan?

A       Yes there is a regular Dolmus service that runs to the beach, surrounding areas and to the bus station in Ortaca (20 minutes away) from where you can travel to every part of Turkey.

Q       Is travel expensive?

A       No travel is very cheap, expect to pay £5.00 for a 3 hr journey

Q       Is it safe to drive and is car hire available?

A       Turkish traffic laws are not on par with European laws so extra precaution is required. Dalyan has a number of places to hire a car (note: we think the cost of hiring a car is very reasonable)

Q       Do I need an International driving license?

A       No but you must be over 21 years of age and had a license for 12 months

Q       Where can I change money in Dalyan?

A       There is a bank here with cash machines (one gives sterling and euros) as well as a post office, which is open late during the summer months. All change money and travellers cheques. Many Bars, Restaurants and jewellers will also change money. The bank and Post office generally will give you the best rates.

Q       What is the currency in Turkey?

A       The Turkish Lira.

Q       How do I make a telephone call to the UK?

A       Dial 0044 then remove the first 0 of the local code then dial the rest of the number as usual, i.e. 01705 345678 becomes- 0044 1705 345678.

Q       Is it expensive to call home?

A       Yes, but weekends and after 6 pm are cheaper .You can purchase a telephone card from the Post Office or use the Telephone inside the office. Calls made from your hotel are more expensive.