Many of our guests have said they would like to extend their stay but that is difficult when yoga groups only come for a week and of course each Yoga Teacher wants to bring as many yoga guests as possible, in addition for wanting Spectrum exclusive for each group, which means all rooms could be taken.  We thought, therefore, it would be a good idea to offer additional accommodation, for the discerning few who realise it would be beneficial to extend their stay (permission required from the teacher for that week) possibly taking advantage of more cost effective flights, not forgetting the benefits of staying longer at Spectrum Turkey 🙂

We have made changes to the tent, erecting it onto a wooden platform, raising the sides (making them higher), removing the central pole so it is supported with wooden beams, therefore it is more like traditional yurt.  As you can see looks great.  It will be available as additional accommodation or just another relaxation place for our guests.

In addition we have a Turkish Bedouin style room – no doors, only curtains at the front for privacy – it’s incredibly cool even during the height of the summer, we know because we have the room next door!

Both the tent and Bedouin style room have shower and toilet facilities just yards away – see the “Tree House” underneath and to the right, in the corner.  Our room is next to this, with the yellow curtain and even in the height of the summer, August, we don’t need air conditioning and in fact need a blanket during the night!