Not all Holiday packages will include the following but this has been the most popular for yoga groups: 7 nights B&B, 4 traditional Turkish vegetarian evening meals (soup, mixed salad, a yoghurt dish, at least 3 vegetable dishes such as stuffed peppers, fresh green beans in a delicious tomato sauce, courgettes & carrots, served with rice, pasta or couscous, fruit & or pudding – you won’t go hungry that’s for sure!) including all teas, instant coffee and water.  New for 2021 will be the option to have a BBQ on the last evening instead of having a second night eating in Dalyan – there will be a charge for this.

Also, some individual groups will have Spectrum exclusively for themselves i.e. we will not accept any other private bookings whilst you are here.  Although we felt it was a good idea to offer extended stays, or let people arrive early, we noticed that on a few occasions the group dynamics were changed.  We want to ensure that you have the best yoga holiday experience, so we are prepared to take the risk of having empty rooms to ensure that is achieved which I am sure all our guests will appreciate and love as some already have.


We provide yoga mats, yoga blocks & bricks plus straps, as well as cushions/pillows, shawls/fleeces/blankets.  We can ask our lovely Turkish ladies who cook for you to prepares fruit for those who would like to eat something light prior to doing yoga and of course puts the kettle on!

Free Wireless Internet.

Resources: we have a vast selection of books, DVD’s and CD’s available for you – see list which is not up to date!  We have two TV’s and a DVD player – we have many self help, inspirational and motivational DVD’s (as well as movies) or ones that you can learn a therapy such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting or aspects of NLP.

  • Beach Towels
  • Water coolers – special containers to keep your bottle of water cool
  • Hair Dryers – we have a few for your use
  • Special extension leads for your room so that you can use your English plugs
  • Bikes – currently only 6but we hope to add to this
  • Docking station/speakers – 4 available

Checkout/Departure arrangements: Currently there is no charge if we are able to allow you to stay in your room after 11.00 am which is the normal check-out time, nor do we charge you if we offer an alternative room for you to use if you do have to check out of your room on time.  We do have two separate bathrooms for public use (toilets and a shower) for guests to use should no room be available once you have checked out of your room which is available free of charge.

Additional Benefits:

Drinks – teas, instant coffee & water are included and is available before your yoga session plus we offer “on the house” some fruit if you need some energy, feel a tad hungry or know you will be before breakfast time arrives!  You help yourselves to teast and instant coffee but for soft drinks such as iced teas and soda you help yourselves from the fridge in Karma Kafe on a trust basis ie you write your name/room number on a form and we transfer this to your tab.  As well as all teas, instant coffee and water being included, we will provide fresh juice at breakfast and filter coffee too.

Real Coffee is a available as an optioinal extra available for those discerning guests who like a “proper” coffee” ie a latte, cappuccino, espresso or cafetiere etc.  We have a “voucher” system to not only save you money but to save you keeping a record (writing down on our snack/drinks form)  you could save upto £8 a week.  If you check out the local cafes you will see that our prices are already very reasonable, upto £1 cheaper per coffee

Onsite-Massage & Therapy plus courses/workshops  We have on-site Massage & Therapy, plus visiting Massuers and Therapists who help out at busy times or offer something different. New for 2021 will be the option to have a bath outside – using home-made herbal bath salts – seeing the magnificent sky at night is a heavenly experience at Spectrum Turkey (Dalyan) at Villa Cabrece.

Snacks: Delicious and freshly made snacks can be ordered here, or perhaps you’d prefer to eat some of the traditional Turkish food that the staff make for themselves.  The choice is yours as well as the option to buy fresh fruit, nuts and/or dried fruit to nibble on.  You can order food to take with you for your journey home or if you want to take a picnic on your bike ride or walk along the riverside for example.

We have sunloungers that are more like beds with very comfortable mattresses ie orthapaedic mattresses in addition we have these luxurious mattresses in shady places – under gazebos, or at the far end of our land you can relax in our Tree House (very popular with our guests), or beneath trees in places where you can relax with nature in total privacy.  Not forgetting the chill out places near the labyrinth – perfect for meditation.  And new for 2021 the fire pit and Karma Kafe (open at selected times – maybe you’d enjoy a hot chocolate whilst making some sage cleansing wands, or hearing about some of Turkey’s vast history.

Most people find our beds comfortable but for those who don’t we have memory foam mattress toppers, not only for the single beds but for when the single beds are put together, for couples, which makes a superkingsize bed – bliss!

Mosquito Repellant, we always have some around if you haven’t brought you own and a range of products including tea tree and lavender should you get bitten.  We also have a range of toiletries if you forget something as well as after sun lotion if you get burnt ……

I think I’ve covered everything but check with us if you aren’t sure, or there’s something that most people would benefit from if we provided it.