Spectrum Turkey (Villa Cabrece) are proud to introduce you to Volkan (if you don’t already know him) to give our guests further information about the boat trips we offer for our groups but also for those who are here on a simply come and be week (so are able to do more excursions and travel further afield), to see what’s on offer – you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.  I (Joanne) have done many, many 12 islands trips over the years but with Volkan we visited bays I hadn’t previously been to before, plus it seems every week we saw turtles! Absolutely magical and one that guests have have been doing since we first opened in 2011 and still want to do again and again.  Volkan and his staff think of every detail, including providing milk if you want a cup of tea – that’s a first for me, I have always had to take it myself!

For the majority of our groups we offer the luxurious 12 islands sailing boat trip in Gocek plus the awesome noon to moon boat trip starting from Dalyan (this is relatively new for us enjoying the magnificent and glorious sunset at the beach and then the magical sky at night where you can clearly see constellations, planets and maybe a shooting start or two).

This is also the perfect website to visit to learn more about Turkey, we are truly honoured to be linked together: http://www.volkansadventures.com