You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you – James Allen

Perfect venue for teachers and group leader to rent for Specialist Group Holidays which can be tailor-made for each individual/weekly group such as: Yoga & Painting, Courses & Workshops, Healing & Meridian Tapping too for example, as well as activity holidays such as Tapestry Weaving, walking or learning Turkish Cooking (see Blogs).  Star Gazing would be perfect too when we find the person to run it!  Teachers and Group Leaders rent the whole venue so that it’s exclusive for each group, we recommend service providers for massage, boat trips, yoga, cookery lessons.

We offer something special, something unique, a place that is like our home, so like renting a private villa with lots of bedrooms, to share with teach individual and different group – exquisite one teacher said – venue that suits the needs of specialist group holiday!  Therefore it feels like a home from home (in the sun), something our guests so far have loved and appreciated, hence they plan to return, as many others have many times, some as many as 10 times in the few years we’ve been open!

Spectrum Turkey has been created for like-minded people, people who deserve something different, a little less ordinary:

  • Exclusive for each individual group which of course helps to make your holiday extra special, groups bonding in ways it’s hard to do when other guests are allowed to stay
  • Comfortable single rooms with no single room supplement – we provide memory foam mattress toppers for your additional comfort
  • Twin/Double rooms Knowing friends, and couples of course, like to share a room we created larger rooms too – we endeavour to think of all possibilities!
  • Organic vegetables from Spectrum’s garden not forgetting over 180 fruit trees, pomegranate, orange, peach, lemon, quince, plums, avocado, kiwi, including olives and figs and others too
  • Traditional Turkish food cooked by local ladies using fresh ingredients from our garden, or local market farmers.
  • Natural Spring Water – Jugs are provided so that you can take natural spring water to your rooms and as we don’t sell bottles of water (no need really) but realise you might not have empty bottles that you can refill and take to the beach eco & bpa friendly bottles are available for you to purchase
  • All teas, instant coffee and natural spring water are included as well as a glass of fresh juice at breakfast and/or cafetiere, filter coffee for those who need their caffeine fix!
  • Snacks & Light meals – healthy options available including wheat & dairy free options plus fruit (fresh/dried), nuts, biscuits and cake
  • Soft drinks – help yourself on a trust system and write them onto your own tab 🙂
  • Natural Colour Therapy – Spectrum is an inspirational place to be not only 360 degrees natural surroundings but every room and even in outdoor places guests are surrounded by creative, motivational decorations, words, sayings and quotations to uplift and raise your spirits, inspire you!
  • Secluded and private place with the addition of a variety of places on the 6-7 acres (6,000 square metres) to relax and chill out, ‘proper’ beds with ‘proper’ mattresses to sunbathe on (such luxury), swinging seats and shaded places around the labyrinth and inside the prayer room.
  • Breath taking mountain is the backdrop and throughout the day the colours of the visible rocks are constantly changing so you are surrounded by natural colour therapy
  • Sunsets – to enthral and delight you
  • Night sky – with so little light pollution we can clearly see the Milky Way, many planets and constellations.  We have a telescope to enhance what you can see – many guests have seen shooting stars so remember to make your wish
  • Off the beaten track – with only farm land surrounding Spectrum front, back and sides, pomegranate, orange and lemon groves in abundance
  • Conservation area a glorious, magical, tranquil location, away from the crowds, but only a 20 minute walk to the centre of Dalyan, river and to the beach
  • Water taxi – to take you on an idyllic journey to the beach voted one of the best open spaces by the Times, a 30 minute journey of bliss
  • Walks – follow local tracks and see how traditional Turkish people live, some of whom will invite you to join them for a cup of tea
  • Fire pit – a lovely space to unwind, maybe do some activities such as sage burning, book club talks, historical talks about Turkey and so much more
  • BBQ Tables – cook your own BBQ
  • Karaoke and dancing 
  • Library: an enormous collection of books, CD’s (music or audio books, courses and seminars) and DVD’s to watch on the TV – maybe even learn how to do EFT
  • Outdoor cinema to watch inspirational movies such as The Shift, Biology of Belief, You Can Heal Your Life (Louise L Hay), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – you could learn how to do the therapy yourself) along with numerous others
  • Yoga shala (Studio Cabrece) plus the newer more open yoga shala  for 22 people used for Pilates, dance, and alternative workshops too – with a wall along the length (15 metres) and two sides open so everyone can enjoy the glorious, magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, the gardens and aroma of the many herbs and flowers!
  • Massage, Therapy & Healing room – a range of massages and therapies are available on site, including manicures and pedicures from Mimi
  • Outdoor baths – awesome to see the magnificent night sky
  • Labyrinth – perfect for mediation walks
  • Prayer room and Balinese Gong
  • Large swimming pool with shallow end and a step which many guests like to sit on
  • Bicycles
  • Rebounders and skipping ropes
  • Wi-fi and spare laptops/tablets
  • Docking Stations
  • Hair Dryers in all rooms
  • Beach Towels are provided to use around the pool, even take to the beach, to save on your luggage allowance
  • Excursions we can arranged these with local people, using turtle friendly boats – private trips for each individual group because you are worth it
  • Delightful boat trips – even if it’s ‘only’ the water taxi to the beach
  • Turtle Rehabilitation Centre – a the welcome meeting we tell you everything you can do whilst here, how to see turtles, how to meet Kaptan June (now 91) who campaigned to prevent the build of a large resort hotel on the beach which would have destroyed the nesting ground for the turtles – work still continues to protect the turtles and wild life.  You can read June’s book or purchase a copy from us
  • Airport Transfers – We can arrange your transfers from the airport if you wish
  • Historic places to see and visit: Lycian Rock Tombs, ancient Roman City to visit – some groups like to go to meditate, even do yoga or some painting in the amphitheatre
  • Turkish Baths within walking distance but we can arrange for you to be picked up if your prefer and they will bring you back too.  If you haven’t already experienced lying on a hot marble slap followed by a body scrub and soap massage, this is a must.
  • Hosts* with a passion for yoga and natural, safe, proven, healing methods EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) just being one of them which they are happy to demonstrate, share their knowledge with you.  Who have lived in Turkey for more than 14 years, married on the beach here, love to talk Turkey and are happy to advise, recommend, tell you about their travels all over Turkey, or you can read one, or more, of the many books they have about Turkey, the history is phenominal
  • Pre welcome information pack – explaining what to do and where to go at the airport, what to bring, visa requirements, changing money and much about what’s on offer when you get here

And when you are packing to return home we even have scales to check the weight of your luggage – we think of every detail!

During the day you may wish to sunbathe on one of our comfortable sun-loungers (you have the option of proper beds with proper mattresses), choice of several swinging seats or hammocks, or you might prefer to escape from the sun in one of our many shady retreats around the courtyard and terraces such as the two gazebos with comfortable seating to lounge and relax, or use a sun lounger in the outdoor cinema area during (Tom loves doing yoga there in the morning).  We have places further away at the far end of the 6,300 of land such as the Tree House, a Yurt like tent and a hammock under the tree, plus half way down a platform over the running water (it runs the full length of the land) with a hammock and cushions.  Remember the yoga shala is usually empty during the day and there are many cushions available, a great place to escape from the sun but still benefit from the daily breeze. Perhaps you’d prefer to be in the cool Turkish style Salon or in Karma Kafe with comfortable sofas, arm chairs, tables and dining chairs which is where most of our books and magazines are stored (TV with DVD player, and facilities to play cassettes or CD’s too).

At night, after the group has joined for their evening meal, many like to sit and chat at the dining table but you can move to more comfortable places to talk to new, or old, friends, although many like to escape to read a book too, using the comfortable seating area in the courtyard.  Some groups like to hang out in Turkish style gazebo or on sunset terrace, or even watch an inspirational DVD or do some group exercises to challenge and stretch the mind.  Better still, spend time outside where you can sit or recline under the milky way – we have a telescope to delight your further, show off our magnificent sky at night.  As there is so little light pollution around Spectrum Turkey it is the perfect location for looking at the night sky.  You might be lucky and see a shooting star, or two, or even more!  You might like to share a song (Tom is a great singer and entertainer), play some board games, listen to music or to the gentle sound of running water babbling alongside Spectrum. The choice is entirely yours!


Spectrum’s Library

  • Books (a wide range from self help to novels & “about Turkey”)
  • DVD’s – movies and a range of DVD’s to teach you EFT, Biology of Belief, Psych-K for example and inspirational movies such as The Shift (Wayne Dyer), What The Bleep …. Do We Know?, The Secret, The Tapping Solution etc 
  • CD’s (talking books, meditation, hypnotherapy)

“Perfect unspoilt location, relaxing, total peace and tranquillity,
beautiful mountain views and sunsets,
helpful friendly hosts and Turkish hospitality.
The description in the brochure was very accurate
but the holiday exceeded expectations.” Kirthi, America

We share this pristine environment with the local Turkish families (many of whom farm the surrounding fields and have done for generations) plus interesting wild life. Many interesting species have been spotted in the mountains, river, lake and beach around Dalyan including wild boar, bee-eater, harrier, kingfishers, herons, eegrits, owls, hawks, buzzards, swans, flamingo, flying fish, loggerhead turtle, caretta caretta turtles (there is a rehabilitation centre at the bus end of the beach).

NB. If you are looking for a accommodation with plenty of nightlife, loud music and bar open until the early hours then Spectrum Turkey is not for you. For guests, Spectrum Turkey centre is a ‘no smoking’ zone near to the building.

*Joanne & Tom are not always onsite but there will always be someone here to help make arrangements to help your week go smoothly eg book taxis and other transport, confirm excursions, restaurants etc, or the teachers/group leaders know Dalyan and how Spectrum work and are happy to be onsite without help.  Spectrum recommend ‘service providers’ such as the Transfer company, Volkan’s Adventures and Döne who does the massage for example but they are not compulsory.  Therefore, we are not responsible for their service of what they offer, we just endeavour to make it easier for teachers and group leaders.  You are welcome to contact teachers/group leaders who come regularly for their recommendations, such as Noel Sharpe who has been coming since 2011 and Oct 2019 will be his 18th yoga holiday at Spectrum.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you – James Allen