“I had a fear of public speaking but it’s part of my job to give presentations to large groups.  I was in floods of tears remembering when the fear was created but these soon turned to tears of joy when Joanne helped me change my perceptions and I remembered speaking successfully and even getting a standing ovation.  I gave more time and thought to my negative memory, totally forgetting such a positive and happy one.  Amazing!

Sherie from Paris – France, Mind Harmony session


“I was so worried about coming on holiday because I’d injured my foot and leg but Joanne and Tom gave me the confidence to come to Dalyan.  I have never felt so positive, the walking did me good (if you tell yourself you can’t walk, then you can’t, they told me I could and I believed them and I did).  They helped me with my depression as well as dissolving some negative memories, changing how I felt about some friends who had hurt me and let me down.  I returned to the UK inspired to have a total career change and became a Life Coach too.

David Jones -Chester, UK, Mind Harmony 


“I am not a confident swimmer, will only go into a swimming pool and swim in the shallow end, so there was no chance I’d go in the sea off a boat – until I spent time with Joanne and Tom.  I couldn’t believe that they removed my fear in a matter of minutes.  I wasn’t confident at first but at least I got in the water.  Now there’s no stopping me!”

Penny Mc – South Wales, Mind Harmony client


I had been having twice weekly sessions with a Psychotherapist for 3 months but we achieved nothing in comparison to what was achieved during my Mind Harmony 4 Life sessions, unbelievable! My marriage was saved from the brink, 8 months of living a total nightmare watching my relationship disintegrate, feeling helpless to do anything about it. I felt insecure, frightened, upset, hurt, rejected, abandoned and so much more.

With Joanne and Tom, we worked on my relationship issues but also how to regain the power to control MY life, learning how to say NO without feeling guilty and so much more.

I learned many techniques that I continue to use at home, they have helped me to take control in other areas of my life and I have gained unbelievable courage and confidence, I am a Lion instead of a mouse!  I cannot give enough praise or say thank you enough, this holiday turned my life around and saved my marriage.  I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I didn’t expect my tears to turn into laughter.  My husband, family and friends all noticed the difference in me, could see that I was calm and at peace.  I plan to return, practice makes perfect and I want to learn and implement as many of these techniques as possible and remove some more emotional baggage with some help from my personal Life Coach team.  Awesome!

Annette, New Zealand June/July 

I’ve suffered from depression for many years now, struggled to get out of bed at times, hid away in my home, didn’t want to see anyone, wouldn’t let anyone help me but was angry that they didn’t give me the help and support I felt I needed. I had no idea that I could do anything about my depression, I’ve been waiting all these years for someone else to fix me, to wave a magic wand, to give me a pill to make be better. I didn’t kow I had a choice and that if I wanted to be happy, then be. Well maybe it’s not as simple as that as there are chemicals contributing towards symptoms of being depressed but they can be changed with the power of our thoughts. There are so many ways to change how you feel and think, we just need to be shown how and Joanne did that for me. I can’t believe how many years I’ve wasted feeling depressed, not realising the power was within me to feel happy, grateful for what I’ve got – I was so focused on what I didn’t have – but now I am a brand new person, my life has been transformed. WOW!

Nik, Brighton

My relationship with my husband was way off track, I loved him but I also resented, hated and felt anger towards him for working away from home 5 days a week – I felt like I’d been a single parent to our 3 children. I didn’t realise, however, that I had a choice in how I lived and how that made me feel, I thought he had “made me” live like that. Now I know different and it’s such a relief, I felt so free to learn that I had been playing the role of a victim. I also had issues of abandonment as my Mum had left home when I was very young, I thought she didn’t love me and so I strived to be a better Mum than I thought she was to me which brought with it issues of guilt and having to do things when I didn’t want to – living my life for my children and grandchildren with no thought for what I wanted. It was a shock to realise that she loved me enough to leave me because my Dad was an alcoholic and violent and she thought he would have killed us all if she had taken her children with her.

I can’t thank Joanne enough for helping me to remove so much emotional baggage, for teaching me techniques that I can use for myself, I’ve transformed my life in such a short space of time, even stuff I wasn’t aware of. I needed a mind detox but didn’t know where to start but Joanne showed me the way and what a beautiful setting. I thought it would take years to feel better but in a week I shifted emotional issues that would have taken years using other methods. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Charlie, Bath 

Dear Spectrum

Thank you for a wonderful experience – more than a holiday – I am so very glad we came.

Fantastic yoga, tasty food (fresh & home-grown-made), inspiring environment and the loveliest people/hosts (Tom & Joanne) you could wish for.

I highly recommend the reflexology treatment and you must try the pomegranate juice!

Judith Scott 


Thank you for a truly wonderful time: the yoga was inspiring, the food was scrummy; the people a pleasure to talk with.

I recommend this place without hesitation or reservation, a magical space to energise and recharge. I return to England with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face!

Thank you Spectrum.

Lots of love

Marc C xxx


Thanks for the delicous vegetarian food.  Before I came, I didn’t know how tasty vegetarian food could be!  The food was delicious and varied – so much of it!  Thanks for your kindness and helpfulness.  I really enjoyed you showing me around and taking me to a Turkish family’s home for a Ramadan meal (JasminI arrived 2 days before the majority of the group).

Thanks for offering me yoga lessons twice a day, that was useful and I learned a lot.

Thanks for the positive impressions I could get in Spectrum.  The room was very comfortable and calm.  I will never forget my holiday here, I can highly recommend Spectrum to other people.

Best regards, Namaste

Jasmin Ruegsegger, Switzerland