Another reason we support a vegetarian lifestyle is to save the planet because producing meat takes far more water and destroys rainforests too (trees are destroyed to create grazing ground for beef cattle). Did you know that it a vegetarian diet requires about 1,500 litres per day, whereas a meat-based diet requires around 4,000 litres! Modifying one’s eating habits is one means of relieving pressure on water supplies. (from the article In Deep Water – Wellbeing magazine Issue 113).

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Soya Milk is expensive here in Turkey, compared to the prices you can pay in the UK, but it’s worth noting: Soya protein products use 5 times less land and 10 times less water and generates less CO2 emissions than products made from animal protein.  “We only use non CM whole soya beans that are not harvested in the rainforest.” (Alpro Soya).  Goat’s milk is readily available here, is more eco friendly compared to cow’s milk and not so expensive so that is an option we offer our guests, unless they are willing to pay extra for soya milk.

The above figures indicate how much water it takes to produce even a small amount of food.  further statistics that are specific to Australia have been compiled by Wayne Meyer, University of Adelaide Professor of Natural Resource Science.   He points out that in the case of dryland cropping the following water usages would be even higher if losses of irrigation water en route were taken into account.

Interesting don’t you think?