Anthony Robbins

How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life: by Anthony Robbins, a Master of NLP and other self (life) improving techniques that you can use for your personal Stress Management, or even to detox your mind of all negative
thoughts and feelings.

Even though I was a Therapist when I read this book and found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to be the ultimate healing tool, I still learned a lot of useful information and, I’d go so far as to say, healing techniques to change my mind, therefore transform my life.
Yes Really. In particular I learned that subconsciously we create beliefs, rules and values by which we live for example Love might be a high on your value list and you think a sign of being loved is to receive a text message from your boyfriend first thing every morning. So how do you feel when you wake and there is no text message?

Initially you might be concerned or even worried, wondering what has happened to your boyfriend, or you might start to doubt his love for you, that he doesn’t care, think “why is he doing this to me” … and so your negative thoughts cause you upset, hurt, anger, frustration, you can’t concentrate on anything but your negative thoughts and, therefore, can’t function normally.

I know this happens to people and in many other ways too in several areas of their lives. If we could only realise that the rules (conditions) we set to achieve our values need to be achievable by ourselves, not someone else, otherwise we are setting ourselves up to not only fail but also to cause ourselves unnecessary emotional pain.

This is a MUST book to help you take control of your life!


This was the first book written by Anthony Robbins when he was about 25 and already a huge success working with world leaders, running courses and seminars in addition to helping people on a one to one basis.  His knowledge, understanding and passion for NLP is
tremendous.  It might not be an easy read for some people but if you absorb the information, do the exercises contained in this book, practice every day of your life, you can change and transform your life beyond belief.  I know because I’ve done it!  Tom (who is 65 now) can’t believe what he’s learning at his age and both of us have truly benefited from this new found knowledge (the book was written over 20 years ago) which wehave implemented into our lives and are constantly trying to improve all areas of our lives.

Also, if you invest in some of Anthony’s motivational CD’s it will be the best money you have ever spent, your health and wealth can improving, following Anthony Robbin’s instructions (modelling him to use NLP jargon) your life can reach beyond your wildest
dreams.  Get out of bed earlier, do the Power Walk, change your language, values and beliefs, set some goals and take the first steps towards them.  If you were guaranteed not to fail what would you aim

My aim, one day, is to do a fire walk – part Anthony Robbins’ seminar Unleash The Power Within. What is your goal for this year?  Also, the next book on my wish list is: