Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself – Andre Gide

Please note this hasn’t been updated for a few years now and know that we have even more awesome, inspiration, life changing books ….. Below is a list of our Library at Spectrum, the many books, DVD’s and CD’s available for Spectrum’s guests. Putting this list together, for your perusal has been interesting. It has highlighted the number of books that I have yet to read, made me realise that I still have books missing – obviously loaned never to be returned – and how severe my addiction was to shopping! Thankfully, I am virtually cured by using EFT but it’s interesting that I only realised, (2007) that it was a problem and had been for a  few years.  To read more about this story scroll to the end of the list below! Plus I am highlighting a few authors who have been to Spectrum – we have copies of these books at Spectrum for guests to read:

RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR OUR GUESTS – it’s over a year out of date and much has been added and omitted such as the huge collection of Antony Robbin’s audios, The Hay House World Summit (over 101 audios) ….. plus we haven’t listed all the novels, autobiographies, biographies and books about Turkey!

We have a large selection of DVD’s, VCD’s and videos for you to watch should you wish.  Also a large selection of books (some talking books) for you to read/listen to at your leisure. Apart from novels (many left by our clients, friends and family) we have a range of self-help books and other books of a healing and spiritual nature and/or a variety regarding the different types of massage and therapies:

Auroma Soma

Aromatherapy – Shirley price




Hot stones

Colour therapy

Dr Hillary Jones – Before you call the doctor

A-Z Family Health encylopedia

Ayurveda books, Indian Head & Facial Massage (Narendra Metha)

Dreams and what they mean



Herbal Remedies

Eat yourself slim


How the body works

Atlas of Anatomy

Cancer Myth

Thai Yoga Massage

Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Dynamic Yoga

Together with a selection of magazines such as Kindred Spirits, Psychologies, Therapist, OM Yoga,
Zest to name but a few.


7 Spiritual Laws – Deepak Chopra we have two copies as a co-author of his has visited Spectrum, translated it into Turkish and added her own meditations

Awake The Giant Within – Anthony Robbins (audio version too)

Unlimited Power  – Anthony Robbins

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

A Beginners Guide to Changing The World – Isabel Losada

Absolutely on Purpose: A Kick-Ass guide to Unfurling your Brilliance – Sephanie Holland

A Guide to Confident Living – Norman Vincent Peale

A Thai Herbal (Traditional Recipes for Health & Harmony) – C Pierce Salguero

Adventures of a Psychic – Sylvia Browne

After Death What? – Colin Wilson Library of the Paranormal

Amber the natural time capsule – Andrew Ross (we have liquid amber trees here)

Angels By My Side – Stephen O’Brien

Angels Over Their Shoulders – Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

Be Your Own Life Coach – Fiona Harold

Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

ChangeYour Life in 7 Days – Paul McKenna

Children and the Spirit World – Linda Williamson

Choices for a healthy heart – Joseph C Piscatella

Choices That Change Lives – Hal Urban

Cognitive Behaviour for Dummies

Compassionate Touch – Dr Clyde W Ford

Conservations with God (book 3) – Neale Donald Walsch

Contacting the Spirit World – Linda Williamson

Conversations with the Other Side – Sylvia Browne

Creative Visualisation – Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips

Dalai Lama, My Son (A Mother’s Story) – Diki Tsering

Dummies Psychology

Dummies Life Coaching

Dummies Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The Female Brain – Louann Brizendine MD

Eat Right For Your (Blood) type – Dr Peter J D’Adamo

Emotional Intelligence (Why it can matter more than IQ) – Daniel Goleman

Empowering Women – Louise L Hay

Enduring Sharing Loving – for all those affected by the death of a Child

Excess Baggage – Judith Sills

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – Karol K Truman

Finding The Spirit Within – Linda Williamson

Finding Your North Star – Martha Beck

Flawless – Louise Tartaglia

Heal Your Body – Louise L Hay

Healing Beyond the Body – Larry Dossey MD

Healing Feelings … From Your Heart – Karol K Truman

Healing Waters – Lynn Keegan and Gerald T Keegan

Hopi Candles – Jill Hamilton

How To Have a Beautiful Mind – Edward de Bono

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

I Can Make You Thin – Paul McKenna

If It Hurts It Isn’t Love – Chuck Spezzana

If Tomorrow Never Comes – Anthony Yeo

Influence – Robert B Cialdini PhD

Instant Calm – Natural Ways to Reduce Stress – Beverley Jollands

Intimacy (Trusting Oneself and the Other) – Osho

Invisible Acts of Power – Caroline Mss

It’s Just My Nature! A guide to knowing and living your true nature – Carol Tuttle

It’s The Thought That Counts – David R Hamilton

Jesus and The Essenes – Dolores Cannon

Learning How to Love Yourself – Gay Hendricks Phd

Letters to Louise – Louise L Hay

Life After Loss – Raymond Moody & Dianne Arcangel

Life Coaching for Dummies

Life Lessons – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Life on The Other Side – Sylvia Browne

Life Strategies (Stop Making Excuses) Do what works Do what matters – Dr Phillip C McGraw (as seen on Oprah)

Life’s Greatest Lessons – Hal Urban

Lifetime Arthritis Relief system – Dr Mandell’s

Looking for the other side – Sherry Suib Cohen

Lose Wheat, Lose Weight – Antoinette Savill and Dawn Hamilton

Love the Miracle You are – Roger King

Mandalas – Laura J Watts

Meditation for Beginners – Naomi Ozaniec

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray

Men’s Search For Meaning – Viktore Frankl,

Mind Gym: Wake Up Your Mind: Wake Your Mind Up

Mind Map Handbook – Tony Buzan

Mind, Magic & Mysteries – Francis X King

Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourslef – Lissa Rankin

Mindsight – Daniel J Siegel MD

Molecules of Emotions – Candace B pert, PHD

More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul

Natural Highs for Body & Soul – Mary Lambert

Neuro Linguistic Programming for Dummies

New Habits, Isagbel Losada

NLP in 21 Days Harry Alder and Beryl Heather,

NLP Workbook – Joseph O’Connor,

On Death & Dying – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

One Hundred Shades of White – Preethi Nair

One Last Time – John Edward

Passage to Power – Leslie Kenton

Past Lives Future Healing – Sylvia Browne

People of The Lie – M Scott Peck

Pilgrims – Paul McDermott

Psychology for Dummies,

Pure Bliss – Gill Edwards

Quantum Touch – Richard Gordon

Reading People – Jo-ellan Dimitrius and Mark Mazzarella

Reincarnation and You a beginners guide – Leila Bright

Right & Wrong – Hugh Mackay

Runes – Andy Baggott

Secrets of the People Whisperer – Perry Wood

Shiatsu – Suzanne Franzen

Soul Mates – Richard Webster

Soul Stories – Gary Zukav

Soul’s Perfection – Sylvia Browne

Stop Being Lazy: How to Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For all & Excel – Carol Look

Stop The Excuses – Wayne Dyer

The 5 people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom

The Alchemist – Paul Coelho

The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

The Art of Happiness – HH Dalai Lama & Howard C Cutler

The Body mind Workbook – Debbie Shapiro

The Bridge Across Forever – Richard Bach

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage – Dr Patti Britton and Helen Hodgson

The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall

The Definitive Book of Body Language – Allan & Barbara Pease,

The Devil and Miss Prym – Paulo Coelho

The Divine Matrix: Briding time, Space, Miracles and Belief – Gregg Braden

The Energy & The Emotions – John Diamond

The Female Brain – Louann Brizendine MD

The Field (The Quest for the secret force of the universe) – Lynne McTaggart

The Fragrant Mind – Valerie Ann Worwood

The Genie in Your Genes – Dawson Church, PhD

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Spirits – Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The healing energies of earth – Liz Simpson

The Healing Handbook – Tara Ward

The Healing Power of EFT & Energy Psychology – David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Gary Craig

The Healing Power of Illness – Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rudiger Dahlke

The HeartMath Solution: The institute of HeartMath’s Revolutionary Program for Engaging

The Hoffman Process – Tim Laurence

The Hormone Connections – Gale Maleskey, Mary Kittel and the Editors of Prevention Health Books for Women

The Journey – Brandon Bays

The Joy Diet (10 steps to a happier life) – Martha Beck

The Light Beyond – Raymond A Moody

The Magic of Metaphor – Nick Owen

The Mozart Effect – Don Campbell

The New Mood Therapy Book and Feeling Good Handbook – David D Burns, MD,

The Placebo Response – Howard Brody with Daralyn Brody

The Power is Within You – Louise L Hay

The Power of Letting Go – Patricia Carrington

The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature – Rupert Sheldrake

The Purpose of Your Life – Carol Adrienne

The Road Less Travelled – M Scott Peck

The Road Less Travelled and Beyond – M Scott Peck

The Rules of Life – Richard Templer

The Secret of Shambhala – James Redfield

The Silent Stones – Diana Cooper

The Story of Edgar Cayce – Thomas Sugrue

The Thought Gym (Train
The mind and the body will follow) – Hari Kalymnios

The User’s Manual For the Brain – Bob G Bodenhamer and L Michael Hall,

The Web of Light – Diana Cooper

There is a spiritual solution to every problem – Wayne W dyer

They Walk with Jesus – (Past Life Experiences with Christ) – Dolores Cannon

Think Yourself Slim – Carol Harris

Tibet – My Story – Jetsun Pema (Sister of the Dalai Lama)

Timeless Healing – Herbert Benson

Transform Your Life – Carole Gaskell

Transform Your Life – Diana Cooper

Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

Venus on Fire Mars on Ice: Hormonal Balance – The Key to Life, Love and Energy John Gray PhD

Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coelho

Visits from the Afterlife – Sylvia Browne

Visualisation for Beginners – Pauline Wills

Water Crystal Healing – Masaru Emoto

Wealth Through Workshops – Callan Rush

Who Moved My Cheese – Dr Spencer Johnson

Why Don’t People Listen – Hugh Mackay

Why Men Don’t Have a Clue – Allan & Barbara

Women Who Love too Much – Robin Norwood

Words that Change Minds – Shelle Rose Charvet

Working with Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

You Can If You Think You can – Norman Vincent Peale

You’ll See It When You Believe it – Wayne Dyer

Your Life Can Be Fantastic Too – The Speakmans

Thresholds of the Mind – Bill Harris



EFT In Your Pocket – Isy Grigg,

Tapping the Healer Within – Roger Callahan

The advanced Patterns of EFT – Silvia Hartmann

Adventures in EFT – Silvia Hartmann

Oceans of Energy – Silvia Hartmann

EFT – Choices Manual (including cassette tape) Patricia Carrington

EFT – Basic Releasing Patricia Carrington (Psychologist) cassette tapes

EFT Manual – Gary Craig


Time of Your Life and Relationships – Anthony Robbins DVD plus too many of his audios to
list here but ones such as Get The Edge, Awaken The Giant Within, Date With Destiny

EFT Course (Level 1)

Steps Towards the Ultimate Therapist (Level 2)

Borrowing Benefits

Palace of Possibilities

Speciality Series 1 & II

The Shift – Dr Wayne W Dyer

The Healers Way – Preview DVD Exclusive to Wellbeing Readers

The Celestine Prophecy – based on the novel by James Redfield

Nature, Nurture and the Power of Love – Dr Burce H Lipton

As Above – So Below – Bruce H Lipton, PhD

You Can Heal Your Life the movie – Louise L Hay

The Secret

The Living Matrix

The Biology of Perception/The Psychology of Change – Bruce Lipton together with Rob Williams

EFT Master Training

Beyond Belief – Bruce Lipton, PhD

Biology of Belief “Lite” – Bruce Lipton, PhD

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Meta Medicine & EFT Matrix Reimprinting – Karl Dawson and Richard Flook

The New Biology Where Mind & Matter Meet – Bruce Lipton, PhD

The Tapping Solution – Dr Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr Joe Mercola, Bob
Proctor, Carol Look, Dr Patricia Carrington, Jack Canfield, Dr Norm Shealy, Bob Doyle and more

Your Life Can Be Fantastic Too – CD


Angel cards Oracle

(working with the Angels for guidance inspiration and love) – Ambika Wauters, Healing with The Angels Oracle Cards
– Doreen Virtue PHD,  Goddess cards, Diana Cooper Angel Cards,
Angel Year book, Angels over their shoulders, Archetypal Reiki cards, Peace & Harmony (Titania’s Spell Cards),
Affirmation Cards (Louise L Hay), Angel Messages – Vanessa Lampert

Golden Footsteps – Diana Cooper, Water Crystal Oracle – Masaru Emoto (author of The Hidden
Messages in Water), The Angel Cards Book (Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake), Heart & Soul Cards – Sylvia Browne, Time
for Joy Daily Affirmations – Ruth Fishel, Guide for the Advanced Soul – Susan Hayward, Angel Tarot, 52 ways to be
happy, The Angelic Year – Ambika Wauters


Energy of Healing – Caroline Myss (Videos)

Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice (CD’s)

Why People Don’t Heal (CD)

Sacred Contracts (CD)

Angels and Spirit Guides – talking book – Syliva Browne

Tools for Life – Sylvia Browne – cassette

Making Contact With The Other Side –Sylvia Browne (cassette)

A Little Light on Siritual Laws – Sylvia Browne (cassette)

Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul – Sylvia Browne (cassette)

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L Hay (cassette)

The Power of Positive Thinking – Dr Norman Vincent Peale (cassette)

A Little Light on Angels – Diana Cooper (cassette)

Have Good Relationships – Diana Cooper (cassette)

Meditations– Stephen O’Brien (cassette)

Visualisations – Stephen O’Brien (cassette)

Morning & Evening Meditations – Louise L Hay (cassette)


Tibet – Cry of the Snow Lion

In Search of the Trojan war

6th Sense

The Green Mile

Large selection of popular movies

Through using EFT when working on emotional issues and addictions (I was particularly focused on losing some weight which isn’t just about being on a diet – think how diet it spelt: die-t), it dawned on me that my shopping habits were a kind of emotional addiction eg I buy things that I don’t need or even want, and, on a few occasions, even ordered things on-line but never checked if I received them all! Thankfully, when I realised this and checked what had been received, there was only 1 item that hadn’t been delivered and again, thankfully, it wasn’t expensive – but it could have been. I obviously got a buzz (or something) out of placing the orders but didn’t actually need to receive them. What a waste of money, time and energy.

I didn’t actually use EFT for being a shopaholic, it was just a positive side effect of using the tapping for emotional eating. It was a weird feeling when I returned to the  UK shortly after, a time when I would normally go to all the shops I miss here in Turkey, and found I wasn’t interested in visiting Marks & Spencers, Next, WH Smiths or whatever! My friends couldn’t believe it, I even struggled to go into shops for things we did needed to buy – WOW! I went into Tesco on our last day, got tempted with some things that were in the sale but ended up putting them back, I just couldn’t buy things that weren’t on my list! I have had some minor lapses, but I am much more aware of this flaw now and so it’s more controllable and I certainly can’t pay the kind of prices I have paid in the past. I can’t believe some of the things I have bought and/or the prices I have paid – forget designer labels now, Asda, Tesco and Peacocks suit me just fine!

Can you imagine my husband wanting (offering) to buy me a piece of jewellery for our wedding anniversary (same anniversary as my daughter’s passing) and I was not able to accept? Well I did, eventually, but first I gathered broken jewellery, lots of single earrings and that kind of thing, and traded them in towards the purchase of the gift from my husband. He must be more astounded than anyone, what does he do with all his free time now he doesn’t have to check pages and pages of bank and credit card statements!

Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you! There might be some aspect of your life you would like help with, something about yourself you would like to change, and that is possible using EFT. All you need to do is book a holiday here at Spectrum, ask for a demonstration, or have a one to one session (or sessions – you will leave knowing the tapping points with lots of tips and recommendations too), or learn how to do it for yourself!