We must dare, and dare again and go on daring
– George Jacques Danton

Storks nest in DalyanTurkey provides all the ingredients for a perfect holiday, not only sun, azure blue seas and an excellent cuisine, but as a country that spans two continents and 10,000 years of civilisation, it offers a wealth of cultural experiences. Turkey is a treasure throve of history, fine remnants of a bygone age and magnificent ancient sites such as Ephesus, the Lycian rock tombs of Dalyan, Caunos, Didyma and Miletus to name but a few. The land of the Trojan wars and the exotic Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a magnificent country with warm friendly and extremely hospitable people; incomparable scenery of majestic pine clad mountains, spectacular rushing rivers, sandy beaches and exquisite little coves, often accessible only by sea The countryside is lush with fertile plains of cotton, grain, sesame and tobacco, tended by women wearing the brightly hued traditional costumes of their region.

EPHESUS - MAIN STREET LEADING TO LIBRARY AND MAIN AMPHITHEATREPart of the pleasure of a foreign holiday is the chance to watch animals and birds in the wild that you would never encounter at home. With its mixture ofmountains, forests, rivers, reed beds, marshlands and coastal areas, birds are well catered for! Amongst these are Bee Eaters, Buzzards, Golden Orioles, Yellow Headed Buntings, Rollers and even a Lesser Spotted Eagle. Springtime is always awaited with much enthusiasm by the locals as this is the time when the White Stork returns from wintering in southern  Africa and traditionally the presence of an occupied nest is regarded as a sign of good fortune.

Insect and butterfly lovers will be impressed by the beautifully coloured damsel flies and dragonflies, butterflies and moths. Invariably any car or bus journey has to come to a halt to allow a tortoise to cross the road, some boat trips in the Bay of Gokova are accompanied by a school of dolphins, and one really lucky lady was escorted on her snorkelling voyage by a Loggerhead Turtle.