• Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief
  • Gary Craig – Founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Awaken The Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
  • Wayne Dyer – STOP THE EXCUSES!
  • Byron Katie – Loving What is/I need Your Love, Approval ….
  • Gary Chapman – 5 Languages of Love
  • Mind Sight – Daniel J Siegel
  • Your Life Can Be Fantastic Too – Nik & Eva Speakman
  • Hal Urban – Postive Words Powerful Results
  • Joseph O’Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  • Karl Dawson – Transform your beliefs, transform your life

In addition to our numerous qualifications we have learned much from the above people, not only from books but DVD’s, audio CD’s and courses too. I (Joanne) did a course for Therapists with Nik & Eva Speakman where they taught me VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (used for fears and phobias in particular) and one with Gary Craig using EFT for serious illnesses (he is the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques). Their messages, techniques and exercises are natural, safe and more importantly they work and the results are permanent! You will be very pleased with the results you will get either from our workshops or one to one sessions – we can virtually guarantee it! Plus you will be able to use many of the techniques for yourself when you return home, therefore, saving you a considerable sum of money because it won’t be necessary to see a Therapist every week. In fact, depending on your needs, we can continue to work together from a distance using skype and/or emails.

Even Psychologists & Hypnotherapists (Paul McKenna for example) are turning to EFT for example because the success rate using standard methods of psychology take too long, or don’t work at all (I’ve done several courses run by Psychologists teaching & using EFT click here to read more about the Psychologist who discovered the benefits of tapping and cured a client who he had been using pyschotherapy on for 18 months). Meanwhile it’s costing you time and money and you aren’t getting any better. Using Mind Harmony 4 Life therapies, techniques and exercises is a win-win situation because you not only get results an instant but you learn how to use some of them yourself.

Using a variety of safe, natural and proven Therapies:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Emotrance, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Time Line Therapy, The Work (Byron Katie – What is is), VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy) & Muscle Testing …

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you
it is going to be a butterfly
– Buckminster Fuller

Techniques and Exercises such as:

THE SPEAKMANS AND MEStop The Excuses – Wayne Dyer, Emotions of Power & Power Questions (Anthony Robbins), Language of Love (Gary Chapman), Who would you be without your story (Byron Katie), Learning the value of the language/words we use and Rep System (NLP), discover the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and the benefit of Affirmations when you wake and before you go to sleep (Joseph O’Murphy), Treasure Maps, Gratitude Walks & Journals (how they raise your energy levels and lift your vibration), Who do you see in the mirror … Rocking Chair (what regrets would you have when you reach the end of your life), Anchors & Triggers (discovering the negative ones and eliminating them plus creating positive & powerful ones), amending, deleting & scrambling negative memories, ensuring your values, beliefs and underlying rules by which we live are not holding us back ….. and so much more!

Gary Craig and Joanne reducedNot forgetting the power of saying or thinking YES & NO! This can be proved with muscle testing as demonstrated in Psych-K. No is necessary in our lives of course but you might be surprised to learn the negative physical impact and the harm it causes in relationships too! We will explain what happens in your brain, the chemical changes and, therefore, the creation of the fight/flight/freeze response and how damaging that can be if you are not in a life threatening situation. This explains why too much stress in your life causes dis-ease, such as cancer, and emphasises the need for stress, anger & anxiety management.