If we only treat what we are able to see, then we would
never eliminate the weeds from our garden, for the roots
would remain to throw up more weeds on the surface.
So it is with negative emotions rooted in our deeper,
or subconscious mind.  For, while the conscious
mind is the logical faculty, the subconscious
is the emotional level of our existence.
Frank Wright, Emotional Healing

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Therefore, although we are able to help people with migraines for example, the symptoms and pain of which can be eliminated in minutes, we tend to focus on the reason for the migraines, what the cause is, which isn’t always known by the conscious mind.  We need to do some detective work and find the root cause, or remove the barriers and blockages that prevent you from knowing the truth.  I (Joanne) worked with a lady who had suffered from constipation for many, many years, so long that she couldn’t remember.  Initially, using EFT, we worked on the symptoms.  Knowing the speed of response to EFT, I kept pointing to the toilets, but this session was not going to be a “one minute miracle”!

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you – James Allen

I decided it was necessary to introduce time line therapy, to find out what was happening in her life when this problem started.  She was astonished to discover that at the time she had had a traumatic fall, through a trap door, resulting in a broken shoulder, numerous operations and a 6 week stay in hospital.  She didn’t think there was a connection but eventually we unearthed the fact that she became constipated to the medication and being bedridden – this was 12 years ago.  Her subconscious mind had not forgotten but her conscious mind had.  Once we removed all the negative emotions and feelings from this traumatic memory she was healed – literally but I won’t go into detail!  Sometimes it can be the simple realisation of when and how the problem was created to enable us to dissolve, delete or remove it from your mind or body.  It was a profound moment, there was a very visual difference in her appearance and a huge sigh of relief and a big smile when I saw her the next day.

One has to be oneself.  The moment you accept yourself as you are, all burdens simply disappear.  Then life is sheer joy, a festival of lights – Shagwan Shree Rajneesh

Another lady actually came to me for massage but she was in such pain (in one of her hips) that she couldn’t get on to the massage table.  I suggested EFT and although most clients would usually sit during the tapping, she had to stand.  We tapped for the symptoms which on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the worst possible pain) it was a 10+ for her.  However, EFT made very little difference to how much pain she was in, only reducing it to 9 or 9.5.  So I asked her when/how the pain had started and so we tapped on the story of how it happened and on the negative emotions (she was very angry, there was a lot of cursing and swearing involved) this story evoked.  We only did 3 rounds of tapping (approx 3 minutes – click here to read more about EFT) and the pain disappeared, she was dancing around the table, literally and then quickly got onto the massage table even though a massage was no longer required to ease her pain.

Hard to believe how events in our life (the feelings and emotions we create from them)can cause pain or health problems such as constipation.  The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and is something we take for granted.  The subconscious manages to operate your body without even thinking about it, you blink many, many times during the day without giving any instructions to your subconscious mind to make this happen, nor are you aware that you are blinking until it’s brought to your attention.  Your heart is pumping blood throughout your body and occasionally you might be aware that you might be aware that you have a heart, when it beats faster, for example when you are scared or frightened – this change in heart beat can be brought about by a real situation eg watching a horror movie, or something that hasn’t even happened yet eg you visualise (imagine) being on a plane but you have a fear of flying.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind doesn’t always want to know the information/knowledge that it contains; it is the keeper of your emotions and where negative emotions are repressed.  We often get used to these emotions and feelings, even if they are not healthy and are causing us harm (depression, anxiety, headaches, stress, addictions such as smoking and drinking, general aches and pains, panic attacks and terrifying nightmares are all symptoms of one client who sought help) and so we find it hard to let go of them.  It seems absurd and illogical but it’s true, what we want consciously (to get rid of negative feelings and emotions and the negative side effects such as poor health) is very often different from what we want subconsciously.  Hence a Therapist, such as myself, is required to help people dissolve, delete, remove or even change negative feelings and emotions contained deep inside your mind.  To read more about the subconscious mind click here.

Our negative thoughts and feelings ultimately lead to dis-ease in many shapes and forms – you can see instantly how our blood is changed by our negative thoughts by reading Mind Body Connection.  Learn to control your negative thoughts, only think good, happy, positive thoughts and YOU will reap the benefits, in more ways than one, every minute of the day.  Why not start now?  Fly with the Sparrows and we will show you how!

We aim to help you to attune your mind, to bring it into balance, harmonising your thoughts and feelings.