Being a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, I (Joanne) am able to conduct various ceremonies for you and your family, whether it be a wedding, vow renewal or a commitment to marry (maybe one of you is still not in a position to marry yet as a divorce hasn’t finalised).  Also a couple may choose not to marry in any shape or form but want to share their surnames with each other – it’s totally your choice with the additional benefit that using a Celebrant to make it more personal and meaningful as YOU wish after all it’s your special occasion.  You are not restricted by using licensed locations, this can take anywhere, nor are you restricted by time – depending how long a service you want!  In Dalyan you can marry at our beautiful venue, or on the beach, on a boat out at sea, on the river (beneath the Lycian Rock Tombs), on the lake or up the mountain at sunset.  How does it get any better than this ……

See what the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants say below or visit their site:

Naming ceremony: you may think that this is for babies and children but there are other reasons too which you may not have thought of, an older child has been adopted, an adult may not like their name, or want to change their name for other reasons (they’ve moved country and want to be part of the local culture, or having got divorced want to revert to their maiden name, or even choose a different surname).

The role of a Celebrant is to choreograph and help you create a service, maybe to write something special first, having gathered information from you and maybe family and friends too, which you can edit or change as you wish.  Or you may choose to write your own – it’s totally in your hands.  You know what your dream ceremony will be like – maybe certain family members and friends will read a favourite poem or verse, or it could be about candles and rose petals, even lego blocks I’ve been told!  And maybe it’s been a dream for a long time.  I hope I can be part of making your dream come true.

Spectrum Turkey, Dalyan would be a great venue but you might also like to marry on the beach, on a boat – beneath the Lycian Rock Tombs – or on a lake. You may choose a larger boat than offered in Dalyan, something more luxurious with sails, and ask the Captain to take you to a private bay, or  a restaurant on the river with stunning views ….. you can make your dream come true in Turkey for a much more reasonable price than in the UK!

D I V O R C E – you may never have considered a Divorce Ceremony, it’s not something I’d heard of until I did my training but it seems to be such a wonderful healing experience, it’s not just the couple, or one of them, that are hurt from the end of a marriage but children, parents, other family members and friends can find it difficult too.  Read more by clicking on this link:

Let us know your dream service and together let’s make it come true ……

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