A dream came true for me recently when two lovely guests came on a ‘working’ holiday and created a Labyrinth – I did help and I know some of you have already heard it before, but it is well worth repeating, that Annie and I shifted over 1,750 kilo of stones in a day!  No wonder we were shattered!

I am so very grateful to Annie and Chris, who knew about my dream from seeing the ruins of a Church in Christchurch, NZ, used as a labyrinth after the earthquake (2012 I think).  I didn’t even know what one was, but was fascinated, thought it would be perfect to have here at Villa Cabrece.  Some friends very kindly sent us a book and some designs, Annie kindly bought us another fabulous book and of course we looked at lots and lots of photo’s online.

There were instructions how to make it but in the end Chris simply marked lots of circles and later worked out where the paths would twist and turn.  It all looked so easy at that stage but we had no idea how much energy would be required, such heavy work, to shift the flags and stones, to mark all the paths …. but we love it and very much look forward to improving it, adding a water feature in the middle, shade too, and shady sitting places in all the corners.

It was a glorious experience to be part of and looks amazing.  I am sure guests will love this new feature, something made with love.  I love having a morning meditative/tapping walk just as the sun is rising, or sitting on the swinging seat nearby.

I am dedicating the Labyrinth to Annie and Chris, they can dedicate a corner each to whoever they wish.  Mine, of course, will be dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Rebecca Emily Ralphs (Aged 5) and all parents who have lost children and the 4th ….. who knows!

It’s magical already but in time it will be even more glorious – we are all very excited.  Annie has planted different lavender plants but we plan to add many more.