People have asked “What impact does

Spectrum Turkey have on the local environment?”


Spectrum Turkey are proud to employ local Turkish people, in 2011 we employed Sezaya and his wife, Helime, plus his sister Gulsin and Hanife – our landlord’s daughter-in-law! In 2012 the team changed slightly because Helime didn’t want to work evenings (she helped in the kitchen), asked if she could be our cleaner instead – an excellent decision for sure! We regularly receive praise about how clean the rooms are (thank you Helime!). To replace Helime in the kitchen, Hanife (our main cook) recommended Jansu, a cousin/neighbour of her husband’s family, another excellent cook. For the larger groups Tamer was added to our team to help during evening meals, serving drinks and helping in the kitchen – we weren’t comfortable with the kitchen staff working from 7 am until as late as 10 pm so created a shift system to reduce their working day and avoiding the need for them both to work long hours and until late in the evening – they are thoroughly spoilt when Tamer helps out going home from 1-2 hours earlier!

Sezaya and his wife grow the fruit and vegetables – we have 180 pomegranate trees and many other types of trees too on the 6,300 square metres of land – in addition to growing fresh mint and other herbs.  We purchase produce from local market gardeners and neighbours – pomegranate juice for example, honey too.  As we are so relatively new we expand on this each year and of course the trees are thriving.  In 2013 we are planting more Olive trees so that we can produce our own olive oil and olives but until that time will continue to buy from our landlord – he picks his olives from trees across the river, overlooking the ancient Roman city of Caunos.  We also plan to have our own bee hives but until that time we will continue buying honey from Hanife’s father in law and a neighbour.  We also intend to have chickens as we use a lot of eggs for breakfast but will continue to buy them from one of our staff, as we do with the pomegranate juice.

We use solar energy to heat the water and plan to add solar electric too.

We use water from our artesian wells to water the gardens.

Towels aren’t changed on a daily basis and only change the bedding once a week – unless guests request otherwise.

We offer natural spring water for our guests to drink thus saving the planet from many empty plastic water bottles – we provide jugs of water for all guests, or they can refill their own bottles, plus we have BPA free & Eco friendly bottles our guests can purchase.

We give our left over fruit and veg to local peope who keep chickens, ducks, geese and Turkeys.  We recycle bottles (plastic and glass) and plastic containers wherever possible.  We re-use paper wherever possible, printing as little as possible but always using both sides of the paper if we can, making scraps of paper for shopping lists!

We support the local Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, selling Kaptan June’s books (donations are given towards helping turtles), inviting local environmentalists to give talks, recommend using turtle friendly boats.

Any clothing left behind by guests is given to the staff or the local charity shop – this money protects the stray animals ie they are tagged, given appropriate jabs and spayed etc. Nothing goes to waste! Suncreams and toiletries are kept for the use of any guests who forget to bring anything, or run out, or are given to the staff – some guests have requested that some of their hair products is given to the staff who all have beautiful long hair!

In creating Spectrum Turkey the majority of investment came from the UK.  The investors worked with a reputable local builder, Mehmet Naldoken, who is an investor too.  Only Turkish workman were used, who sourced local building materials (some of the stone used was purchased from Mehmet’s family’s local quarry).  Spectrum works with local tour operators and direct with the boat Kaptans (Captains) too, plus local taxi drivers and airport transfer services.  As you can see many local people have benefited greatly from the creation of Spectrum, the original owners of the land (one of the Managers of the cafes at the beach knows the land well, used to help the family to farm it, often reminisces how they used to plough the field and the produce they grew on it) who used some of the money to build a house for their son, many workmen of different trades, the merchant suppliers, local council and government offices (tax, licenses, visas, insurance) etc.  The locals are very happy with our investment and appreciate what we have created, realise that our investment brings more tourists to this beautiful conservation area of Turkey.

We continually change and improve as best we can.  We hope that you approve of what we have done so far and will continue to strive to better what we already offer.