Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others
without getting a few drops on yourself – Emerson

All our guests love visiting the farm – only a short stroll away from Spectrum Turkey – where you will receive a very warm welcome. Come and meet our landlord, Sedat, and his wife Hulya and get a real taste of traditional Turkey life. Maybe you will visit when Hulya is making her own butter or yoghurt, or when she and Sedat are collecting their honey and see Hulya scraping off the beeswax. Below are photo’s of soup stock drying in the sun, in preparation for the winter months – the next stage is where you will see that it has been sieved after which it will be stored in empty plastic water bottles as they are very keen on recycling here on the farm.

Sedat is just one of the sons of Buyuk Anne (Grandma as we call her – you can see the photo of her below making yoghurt) living on this farm. He grows his own wheat in addition to a field full of pomegranates (the recent harvest was 1300 crates each weighing 20 kilos – not including the ones that had split that they will eat themselves), has previously grown cotton (see photo below) as well as growing food for his cows, some of which he sells to other farmers.

Buyuk Anne loves our Spectrum Turkey guests calling in for a cup of tea or two – it’s hard to refuse a second cup, or should I say glass which is what they drink their tea from – tulip style ….. did you know Tulips originally came from Turkey? Also there’s a photo below of of her making brooms. Anne Anne (another word for Grandma which is basically saying Mum twice!) is using the stalks from sweetcorn but note that the corn has already been eaten and the green part will be used to feed the cows – no you might understand the expression “Waste not want not!”.

Did you know there are white pomegranates as well as the more popular red ones? Have you ever tasted the delicious syrup like mixture they make with pomegranates which they use as a salad dressing and additional ingredients with other traditional Turkish dishes?