More information coming soon but having experienced a few sessions can’t wait to let you know this will be taking place at Spectrum.  It is a hugely deep and profound healing experience and being part of a group can imagine it will be even more so.  Imagine a group of people participating several times a week in each others therapy sessions – we all get healing from being part of someone else’s healing in addition to the sessions of our own.  Lots of healing lessons take place, it is truly awesome!

About Liz Sleeper

I trained in  systemic constellations because I came to a workshop and it changed my life.  I quickly became passionate about the work as it works in a more powerful, gentle and subtle way than any other therapy I have encountered.

I have been practicing as a family constellation facilitator since 2011. I hold regular workshops in Lewes and Brighton.  Traditionally family constellation workshops are set up for a general theme, but I am beginning to develop workshops for groups of people to look at specific themes, such as money and abundance or connecting mothers and babies.

I trained with the Centre for Systemic Constellations and followed it up with a further year of specialist training with Judith Hemming.  My teachers have included Jutte Ten Herkel, Gaye Donaldson, Judith Hemming, Richard Wallstein, Chris Williams, Ed Rowland, Nicola Dunn, John Payne,, Dan Booth Cohen, Albrecht Mahr, Barbara Morgan and Daan van Kampenhout.

I have a bit of a thing about privacy and don’t hugely love writing about myself online.  I am told that I am much more open and approachable in real life than I am in the virtual world, so don’t be put off by my somewhat distant appearance on this page..

Prior to working on this area, I worked in clean technology, working for the Renewable Energy Association and a number of solar and biomass companies.  I also have experience of UK (and to a far lesser degree US)  politics.   I am fascinated in looking at our political systems and energy industries from a systemic perspective.  Approaching issues from this perspective with my industry and political experience can only serve to move society forward in a clearer and more inclusive way.

I am on the lookout for clean tech companies who would like to use the systemic approach to improve the efficacy of their businesses..

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