Working together with Mutlu, known as Kaptan Deniz, we provide fabulous, memorable, boat trips using his specially built, spacious teak decked boat with lots of places to sunbath or chill in the shade, with the benefit of steps to give easy access to get straight in and out of the sea.  We offer our guests glorious boat trips that are the most popular during your weeks stay such as coastal trips to Ekincik or in the other direction where we will experience a blend of secluded bays and beaches eg Bacardi & Kargicak.  This is a full day boat trip on Thursdaydalyan delta views from the microlite stopping at 4-5 bays or beaches, including a bbq meal

Aeriel view of the beach, lakes, delta and Koygeciz lake

Note: It’s also possible to adapt this trip ie groups can go earlier to do yoga or pilates on the beach, therefore breakfast would be served on the boat too.

Plus the very popular noon to moon/moonlight boat trip (Saturday afternoon/early evening including a bbq meal) where we might spend time at the beach for a glorious sunset, visit the volcanic thermal lake and/or sail in the other direction to the lake for the Sultaniye natural hot springs and mud baths or more beautiful scenic swimming locations.

We highly recommend we visit Sultaniye natural hot springs and mud baths first because the best experience is to be covered in mud and let the sun dry it off – many take you there in the evening but it’s not the best experience, the mud will not dry. (They say you look 10 years younger if you cover your face in the therapeutic mud 😂😂).  Once the mud has dried you can wash it off using the outdoor showers or take a swim in the silky waters of the lake.  We then sail down to the beach for sunset, maybe stopping off at a lake with natural thermal springs beneath the waters – unusual to feel the heat when you swim around, or “hover” to feel the heat around your feet and toes.  Once we arrive at the beach you can take a dip in the sea, walking across the beach, or stay river side and swim there (or do both ❤️).  Meanwhile Kaptan Deniz will cook us a delicious BBQ – home made food using vegetables grown by his family.   Afterwards we can relax – or dance/party if you wish – because there’s no light pollution you will enjoy magnificent views of the sky at night when we sail back.  We often take a break with breathtaking views of the Lycian tombs illuminated at night and enjoy baklava and fruit.  En quite you can easily spot various planets and constellations, not forgetting the Milky Way – if you are lucky you will see shooting stars.

These hugely popular boat trips, are excellent value for money.  You are truly spoilt with these options and the Kaptan, Mutlu Deniz and his team, take excellent care of our groups, helping to create magical memories.  Your wish is his command.  You are welcome to contact Mutlu with any questions in advance: mutludeniz88@gmail.com but you will meet him at Spectrum Turkey in advance of your trip.


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