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Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga (Yoga twice daily),including handstand and arm balances, yoga foundations, CYoga makes this a specialist and unique yoga holiday at Spectrum.  Returning for their second retreat together but Catie’s 6th – highlights below:

Holiday Highlights:

☀ Yoga twice daily

☀ Yoga foundations

☀ Handstand & arm balances

☀ CYoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Rockety, Yin with a special emphasis on back-bends

☀ Breath-work (pranayama) and meditation

☀ Yummy scrummy organic vegan and vegetarian meals

☀ Accommodation – mountain views, handmade decorations with positive affirmations

☀ Yoga cat & dog

☀ Yoga mats provided. See you in Turkey 🙂

Dalyan Local Leisure Activities (optional):

☀ Turkish Baths (Hammam)

☀ Turtle beach & boat trips

☀ Mud baths

☀ Mountain walks & ancient city ruins

☀ Local market

☀ Massage & other therapies

☀ Cookery lessons

You will be lead to great physical posture and confidence to embrace to world as your own. The whole art of handstands provides perfect fitness. In the back bending, or opening the front of the body workshops you shall find great happiness, ease and a transforming consciousness. Backbends are magical. Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.

The morning sessions will be general yoga classes, with a focus on backbends and inversions, a great start to your day. In the afternoon, you shall have a vinyasa class. Some days in rocket, ashtanga style and we shall have also one or more yin sessions.

With our handstand work, everyone shall find a place to be comfortable in some handstand variation and everyone shall find that they expand their abilities.

Beginners will be encouraged to find their first handstand, and all will experience the various ways to enter a handstand from kicking to the various pressing up ways (such as straddling, tucking up or pressing up), to finding movement within a handstand to learning the steps to one arm handstand.

You shall experience optimum handstand alignment, with partners and solo. You shall warm up the body, strengthen the abs and back muscles, open the shoulders and experience alignment in plank and in many handstand variations.

Catie Foroughi

World renowned yogi, Catie is the author of “This Is It, Enlightenment with CYoga and teaches master classes internationally. Catie shares a core approach that anything is possible. She is spontaneous with a highly original and integrated approach to yoga. Her dynamic energy connects with everyone, and she developed her own formless / form of yoga – Cyoga. Cyoga is this “Magic Moment of Involvement with Love/Yoga; brilliance in any situation.

Catie would describe herself as an organic vegan yoga coach (trained yoga therapist). She is based in Chelsea, London. Catie has a complete freedom approach and conducts all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and yoga training intensives at some of the worlds most naturally beautiful locations including Turkish gulets on the Azure sea, Italian farmhouses, presenting at the red rocks of Sedonas yoga Festival; anywhere and everywhere.

Many of the intensives she offers and co-creates with others are backbend and handstand focused. Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love. She also has a strong hub of London yoga family, students and clients. Catie has studied many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and she is able to transform weaker areas in ones yoga practice to ones greatest strengths.

Contact Catie to book for this awesome week:

Adriana Cruceanu

With a background in foreign languages and psychology, and a long standing interest in movement and anthropology, Adriana subsequently added bodywork as expression and text to her professional portfolio.

Her previous training in dance and martial arts has proven an invaluable tool for her yoga trajectory, both as a practitioner and teacher.  Her greatest affinities are for Ashtanga, Advanced Vinyasa, hands-on adjustments and backbends.  Although she likes experimenting with different variations of poses, her fundament is Ashtanga, from where she draws the structure and architecture of the pose, which consequently allows a sustainably creative vinyasa routine.

Regardless of the various styles she embraces, Ashtanga is the source for all her developments in terms of strength, flexibility, technique, as well for the experimental area of her work.
Adriana encourages both personal expression and technical precision because yoga is concomitantly universal and personal.  Focusing on the technical aspects, the physiological and concomitant emotional developments will occur as a natural consequence of the practice.

Acknowledgements are being brought to the irreplaceable Eileen Gauthier, Marcus Veda, Mark Khan, Duncan Wong, The Yoga People and Rolf & Marci Naujokat.

Contact her direct if you wish: