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Noel is a regular teacher at Spectrum, feels like he’s part of the Spectrum family.  Noel is returning for his 21st time to Spectrum in June and 22nd time 26th September – maybe he will be back in October too because he’s in great demand – so we must be doing something right!  Noel gets booked up very quickly which speaks volumes as to Noel’s popularity, hence it’s best to contact Noel asap:


Tel or text: 07815807170

Some awesome yoga poses as you will see:

Hatha Yoga with International Yoga Teacher Noel Sharpe

Noel has been practising Yoga since 1999 and has been teaching since 2007. He holds a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher’s Diploma.

Noel was initially introduced to Yoga as therapy when recovering from surgery resulting from a back injury. He thanks yoga for restoring and maintaining his health.  Photo below: two of Noel’s ‘students’ who happen to be Yoga Teachers too!

NOEL (12)

Noel practices and takes inspiration from different forms of Yoga. He aims to practice and teach using the attention to detail of Iyengar Yoga yet using the flow, mindfulness and attention to the breath of Vinyasa systems.

Most of all Noel believes that classes should be enjoyable.

Classes taught on this holiday will vary according to the needs of the students but might typically include gentle limbering, some static postures using the breath to deepen the posture and some form of flowing vinyasa, a session of pranayama (breath awareness), and a guided relaxation.

Noel might even adapt and incorporate some Tai Chi or Pilates and often uses partner work. Noel seeks to challenge but not over challenge anyone. Morning classes will be enlivening while evening classes will be at a slower pace and focus on calmness.

The holiday is equally suitable for those new to yoga and those with more experience.  To learn more about Noel:

Watching Noel’s morning session back in 2011 inspired me (Joanne) to seriously consider (and finally accept one of the many kind invitations from all Yoga Teachers who have been here so far) to do yoga sessions on a regular basis! Watch this space!!!