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Want some R&R but the option of doing some yoga too, or being more adventurous having a got at Aerial Yoga or even SUP yoga – something we all need and deserve.  I don’t do yoga but had a session recently, firstly standing and paddling at the beach (river side) and then an actual yoga session on the lake and loved it, good for your core and great fun too – incorporating it with a boat trip makes it the best boat trip ever plus it’s good fun to watch the experts too 🙂

But you may choose to do nothing and that’s perfect too.  We have more people to look after your every need than ever but if you know us already, you know too you can be left alone to do your own thing and simply be.  It’s a fabulous experience and a regular feature now at Spectrum which many guests enjoy, many coming twice, once for their yoga and then a week like this.

Contact us direct: cu@spectrumturkey.co.uk