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I feel it’s important that those of us grieving the loss of a loved one find comfort from being with people who understand, and therefore, are sympathetic and compassionate.  None of us want to be told it’s time we got over it – as I was on a couple of occasions.  No-one knows what we are going through, all our stories are different.  I lost my beautiful daughter, Rebecca Emily, Aged 5, 22 years ago now, and just over two years ago my husband Tom – we created Villa Cabrece together, did a lot of healing together, particularly when I first discovered meridian tapping 3 years after Rebecca had passed – I was angry far too often, not something I felt I could continue to live with that’s for sure.

I know it might be painful to hear to those who have lost a loved one but we all suffer grief & loss for other reasons which usually aren’t even acknowledged eg break up of a relationship, divorce, loss of a job, your home, health and so much more, not forgetting the impact of Covid.  We get compassionate leave if we lose a loved one but nothing for divorce or the loss of our health.  During Covid there is more grief and loss than ever, loss of our freedom, loss of opportunities to see family and friends.  Mental health issues must be at an all time high sadly.

I feel it’s important, and very necessary, when grieving, that everyone is heard and understood – everyone should be taught about grief, how to be supportive. I know from personal experience that your nearest and dearest often aren’t the. ones you can support you although for me I thought they would be but in actual fact were the total opposite.  We all need to be with someone who is caring, supporting, loving, someone who understands our broken heart and from the many comments from numerous guests since we opened in 2011 I feel very ready to play a more supportive role.  It’s been my dream to help other people since I lost Rebecca, and throughout the years I’ve learned many natural, safe and scientifically proven healing modalities that I would love to share with you – something you can take home with you, and continue to help yourself.  We never get over our grief as people continually say but we can learn to live with it, be more accepting and possibly (like me) finally feel happy and even joyous.

This place is very calming, and I hope to inspire you, uplift you, bring calming and peace into your life, with gentle techniques.

If numbers permit we could also include some yoga if you wished as yoga is restorative – mindfulness yoga can which can help you get fit and healthy on every level, also enabling you to release any negative emotions associated with your grief. Strangely powerful, rejuvenating and healing whilst energising and improving strength and flexibility.  Therefore, you are getting into a stronger position emotionally too, ultimately aiding your grief, hence grief to joy.

As you know grief comes in many stages of denial, shock, anger and so much more.  You can feel these emotions within minutes, hours, days and weeks, many times over.  Sadly some people truly push our buttons, say the most inappropriate things, floor you, bring you to your knees because they do not understand what you are going through.  And so they seem to be uncaring, not at all sympathetic, compassionate or any of the ways someone is grieving needs…… for some life goes on as normal and that can be painful for us too. I know for me in the early days I couldn’t believe that the world hadn’t stopped, wondered how life can go on without my daughter being in it.

Sessions of tapping (like acupuncture but you tap with your fingers instead) will be offered by me, Joanne, because I truly know the benefits and practice it almost daily for other aspects of my life.  My family were not supportive when Rebecca died, so there were lots of additional aspects to my grief.  Also, losing my husband just before this pandemic hit, who was not only my husband but a friend, work colleague/business partner too as well as a travelling buddy.  I have experienced the power and profound benefits of tapping (and matrix reimprinting, psych-K, Emotrance, NLP, Journalling and so much more) hence I am so passionate to be able to help others, as I’ve done done over the years for other issues.  So many people say their lives have healed, changed and transformed since coming to Spectrum, so I am very happy to share my knowledge and the best ways to apply it. I feel discovering tapping just a few years after I lost my beautiful daughter, saved my life.  One element of tapping can be to find out how bad your thoughts are feelings are eg on a scale of 0-10 how angry are you about x, y, z but when I first read that in the book I thought 10 wasn’t high enough, I was 25!  I tapped as the book instructed and got it down to 4, it felt fantastic but sadly it rose again because I didn’t know enough about getting to the root cause of my anger (anger is a huge subject, we will have suffered from anger numerous times throughout our life).  I got in touch with the author of the book and had a session with him, and was surprised he uncovered anger towards the medical profession who made too many mistakes regarding my daughter’s heart condition – one consultant wanted to operate on her bowels, as it’s something children with Down’s syndrome have issues with and even though nothing on the x-ray proved that was the problem!

I know too, all too well sadly, that many people don’t want to live once they’ve lost a child, wife, or husband. Grief is personal, it can bring you to your knees.  I know too how powerful and healing tapping can be so let’s get together to discover the miracles that can be achieved.