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Losing a child, even a baby before it’s taken a breath is, they say, the most painful grief of all but we all deal with bereavement differently.  Even though it’s the nature of things to lose your parents it that too can still be extremely painful, grandparents too, brothers and sisters, friends …

People can’t always talk about their grief, not because it upsets them but because people don’t want to hear – it makes them feel uncomfortable.  But whoever you have lost they are still part of your life, part of your family and you deserve to be able to talk about them, and more so in a safe and nurturing environment.

Joanne lost her 5 year old daughter back in 2000 and more recently her husband.  Both very different experiences and even though at first she felt losing her daughter was the worst experience, grieving for her husband – they built Spectrum together, lived and worked together since they met in 2002 – has been extremely difficult during the virus situation, lock downs etc.

Throughout the years of Spectrum many bereaved guests have come to stay and enjoyed the benefits of the nurturing and comforting place that Joanne and her husband Tom created – built with a lot of love and passion.  People feel they can talk to Joanne about their grief, share their feelings.  Some have spread ashes at Spectrum Turkey (Dalyan) at Villa Cabrece and many have painted stones to add to the labyrinth.

It’s a very healing place where people come time and time again.

Several people have offered to come and help this week, further details will be posted soon.

Meanwhile you are welcome to contact Joanne: