Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Spectrum Turkey, Dalyan, Mugla

A True Feel Good Holiday – Fine-tuning, Fitness & Fun!

We’re back again to this wonderful piece of heaven, offering you the chance to experience a glorious week of relaxing body-conditioning exercise, focusing on supple strength and flexibility. This is the ultimate feel good holiday – gentle fitness, divine food, sunshine and fun, all set in the fabulous environment of Villa Cabrece’s holiday venue set so enchantingly in the foothills around beautiful Dalyan.

This is for all fitness levels, just do what you can and in so doing, enhance your sense of wellbeing in this magical place. An optional early morning easy wake-up jog is available too but all sessions are optional, the whole week is informal – it is your holiday after all.

We include lots of extra interest from quizes to cultural trips, boat trips and more, to make your week extra special.

The only stipulation is that you enjoy the company of others and have a sense of humour! 0788 775 2821

FOOD: The holiday price includes all breakfasts and suppers except 2 evening suppers.  The food is imaginative, fresh and healthy: huge choices of wonderful, organic vegetarian Turkish food cooked on site, often with produce from the beautiful and extensive gardens – mostly wheat, gluten and dairy free but regardless guests with those dietary requirements can be catered for.  (Fish and meat can be ordered in)

The maximum number is usually about 18 and we’ll take the place privately.  Many places have gone already.

All the sessions are optional, the whole week is informal – it’s your holiday after all!

What’s included:


Sessions of gentle body toning and flexibility, plus optional early morning gentle jog, run by personal trainer Jeannie Hignell

(Things Jeannie would like you to know about fitness sessions: I am a personal trainer with a difference, my aim being all round health, not turning people into muscle bound gladiators! The focus for this holiday is gentle, calming, daily exercise suitable for all.)

All sessions take place in a wonderful canopied area of the gardens with the backdrop of the mountains behind.


** BBQ boat trips and visits to all sorts of lovely local cultural place can be organised and are well worth it.  Plus sociable evenings around the pool, and quizzes etc.

**For the 2 evenings that supper is not included, we go to local restaurants which are all brilliant: some by the riverside or at the top of a mountain.

**You can eat masses at breakfast, but if you are on site during the day, they will cook up all sorts of fantastic stuff at any time, and it’s really inexpensive.  Hummus and falafel platters, salads, toasties, home-made chips!

**I know some of you will want to know this …. you can buy wine and beer onsite too!

**All sorts of massages, therapies and beauty treatments are also available onsite: Manicures and Pedicures £11/£12.50, 1 hr full body massage £40.

The only stipulation is that you enjoy the company of others and have a sense of humour!


or 0788 775 2821.