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Currently there’s no set schedule but we can offer yoga, tango dance lessons, Ebru Art workshops, walks, boat trips, massages and beauty treatments as well as organising a visit to a local Turkish Bath (body scrub and soap massage after lying on a marble slab to warm you up and get you sweating!)  And, maybe more importantly, well-being activities such as Meridian Tapping (known as EFT – emotional freedom techniques – combined with Matrix Reimprinting).  This can be a big part of this week because for me (Joanne) it was a huge factor to help with my loss of my 5 year old daughter, Rebecca.  There can be group sessions and one to one sessions will be possible too.  Joanne likes to offer EFT in such a way that you can do it for yourself, albeit it’s not a workshop or a course, it’s a taster to get you on the road to using a natural, safe and proven healing technique.  Maybe you have a skill you’d like to share with the group, or simply do a swap with another Therapist, it could even be a massage 🙂

We can experiment with Psych-K (I am trained to Practitioner level but will invite a friend who has taken it to another level), Emotion Code, Emotrance and so much more.  We have a large selection of inspirational movies such as What The Bleep Do We Know, The Shift, numerous Bruce Lipton DVD’s (Biology of Belief) plus Joe Dispenza (author of You Are The Placebo), not forgetting an even larger selection of books and audios you could listen to.

Because we are situated on 6,300 of land with farmers our only neighbours, we have many places for you to escape from others if you wish, for some quiet time, or to work in private if you want to practice any of the techniques we share with you.  Many other bereaved guests find peace and tranquility walking the labyrinth and even paint a stone in memory of their loved ones, revisiting later in the year or following year.  Guests often comment on the healing energy, including a portal near the labyrinth and some have even seen angels.  It’s the perfect place to reconnect and talk with loved ones – I know because I do it frequently!

Only 30 minutes from Dalaman airport, Dalyan has something magical and truly special with natural backwaters, being slightly off the beaten track and surrounded by natural beauty and verdant covered mountains.

Let me know your thoughts cu@spectrumturkey.co.uk and if you have any preferences.

Please look at the photo gallery on this website but meanwhile as a taster: