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Having used EFT since 2003 and discovered how powerful it can be, safe, natural and scientifically proven too, I wanted to share it with everyone and anyone.  I’ve done various courses and even offered workshops to teacher EFT.  Now, however, Matrix Reimprinting takes it to another level and having been on a few courses (two with Karl Dawson, EFT Master and creator of this technique), I thought it would be a good idea to offer swap weeks.  We can practise on each other, or maybe some with speciality skills i.e. using these awesome techniques for bereavement, or those who wish to share other skills that they combine, could create a truly amazing week.

We have a large selection of books to share with our guests such as Sharon King’s Heal Your Birth, Heal your Life, many of Bruce Lipton’s DVD’s, his books and audios, Dr Wayne Dyer (books and DVD’s) and numerous other inspirational, motivational and self help/therapy bookings.  We could watch some movies together, do some tapping at the beach, on the lake, sailing on the river ….

Nothing is set in stone, please let me know if you are interested.  It’s possible this week could be used for war veterans or people who are bereaved, like myself.

Let me know your thoughts:  cu@spectrumturkey.co.uk