I will add more information about EFT (the tapping points) but for now wanted to spread the news about offering specialist weeks at Spectrum Turkey to help people heal, change and transform their lives:


If you are as passionate about EFT & Matrix Reimprinting as we are then this week is perfect for you.  A great opportunity to do swaps with other guests, to continue your healing journey.

As a rough guide – we are open to suggestions as this is the first time we’ve offered this at Spectrum Turkey, so feedback and suggestions are welcome:

Morning yoga – optional – with Spectrum’s resident yoga teachers who also offer aerial and sup (stand up paddle board yoga).  We could also include meditation floating on the pool, or cocooned in the aerial yoga hammocks – absolute bliss.

Do one or two EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions morning and afternoon.  You will want time to use the pool and other facilities, pop into Dalyan and sit by the riverside, or go to the beach which we can help organise – we could go as a group, imagine going to the beach to do some tapping sitting the seashore with the waves lapping nearby, or in the shade of the trees.  Or we just do morning sessions so we have the whole afternoon to chill and explore. There won’t be any fixed rules, programme to follow, it will be entirely up to you how much you want to offer and receive.

Thursday we will do a glorious boat trip for the whole day.  Imagine stopping at various secluded or historically interesting bays eg Cleopatra’s boat yard, having a swim, relaxing and chatting with like minded people.  The boat trip includes a BBQ lunch.  We could have a group tapping session, in a glorious location, or simply enjoy the day.

Saturday is market day for those who like a bargain and being the last week of the season there will be plenty – also in the shops as most will close for the winter months.  Great time to get your Christmas presents.  In the afternoon we will take a boat trip down the river to the beach where you may participate in sup (stand up paddle board yoga which is in two parts, the first hour is on the pool), we will also swim in a volcanic lake where there are natural hot springs beneath which you can feel if you let your feet dangle beneath you – not hot enough to burn you though!  Next ….

We can watch the sunset from Turtle beach (Dalyan is a conservation area due to the turtles nesting on the beach and other wild life – there is a turtle sanctuary) and then sail back up the river to the lake, visit the Sultan mud baths, or simply enjoy a swim in the silky waters – guests love it when the Captain switches off the enjoy and sails briefly through the reeds to listen to nature. As there’s no light pollution being far away from the land and town beyond, you will enjoy a magical night sky, maybe see some shooting stars but also planets and constellations.

Another idea is to visit the Roman ruins (ancient city of Caunos), walking beneath Lycian Rock Tombs (4,000 years old), to not only see the ruins and the glorious views from Lion’s head (you can see Rhodes on a clear day), but maybe do some tapping in the amphitheatre …

If anyone specialises in tapping for removing blocks to be a Practioner or any other issues preventing you for following your dream life, or something else, then it would be great to have some group talks and demonstrations.  Or you might be interested in other therapies that people are qualified to do eg I (Joanne) do Psych-K which Bruce Lipton also recommends as you can see in one of his DVD’s.

We can have some wondering inspirational movie nights as we have many of Bruce Liptons DVD’s, The Matrix, The Shift, The Secret, What the bleep do we know, not forgetting a huge selection of relevant books (Karl’s plus Susie Shelmerdine, Sharon King, Claire L Hayes, Jessica Ortner, Nick Ortner, Reichard Ellis’s books about Reiki, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Louise L Hay and many others, including a selection of CD’s (The Tapping Solution World Summit)

It will be an awesome week for sure.  The energy at Spectrum Turkey is already very special, so many lives change just from having a holiday, never mind anything else.  So it seems perfect and very apt to add the energy from a group of EFT & Matrix Reimprinting fans.

You will have the option to book massages on site – absolute bliss – plus manicures and pedicures.  A Turkish Bath (Hammam) is less than £10 for a most wonderful cleansing experience (body scrub and soap massage).

Contact Joanne: cu@spectrumturkey.co.uk