We are honoured that Sharon is returning and especially to launch her first retreat to those who have purchased and read her first book: Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life.

16th May – Heal Your Birth

22nd August – Heal Your Birth

29th August – Healing the Loss of a Child

I (Joanne) am particular thrilled to hear that Sharon will be running a Heal the Loss of a Child holiday at Spectrum because that is fulfilling a dream of mine, why I personally wanted to create Spectrum, to help people heal but more importantly, with regard to the loss of a child because I too lost my beautiful 5 year old daughter Rebecca.  I got goosebumps when Sharon came into our office to tell me.

I ‘lost’ Rebecca just over 15 years ago and thankfully discovered EFT 3 years later but could have achieved so much more healing working with Sharon.  I can’t recommend her work highly enough, I know people will be leaving Spectrum in a much lighter, positive, happier state than when they arrived – joyous even.

For further information contact Sharon: info@magicalnewbeginnings.com