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Turkey is thought of as the centre of ancient civilisation briding Europe with Asia. Ephesus is a truly stunning ancient city approx 3 hours from Dalyan, near the tourist resorts of Kusadasi and Bodrum. Pamukkale is spectacular, it looks like a ski resort when you approach the lime covering hillside with hot springs that have created natural spa pools. Tour companies arrange tours to both of these sites and each is surrounded by many other ancient treasures such as St John’s castle, St Luke’s Tomb, St Mary’s Church, the ancient ruins of Aphrodisia and much, much more.


This is a must on your excursion list, a visit that can be enhanced by reading Birds Without Wings (see below to order your copy from Amazon) which will give you a good insight into what life was like for the Greeks and Turks living together in the village. In 1923 they were forced to separate (Greeks had to go back to Greece – even though many were born here and felt like they were Turks, albeit they spoke Greek) and Turkish people living in Greece had to come back to Turkey but strangely none took advantage of the empty homes that had to be abandoned (mainly due to superstitions). It’s a fascinating place to visit, somewhere you might want to visit several times to really get the feel of it plus it’s not too far from Gemiler Beach (opposite St Nicholas Island), just over the mountain from Fethiye harbourside and quite near to Olu Deniz too.

To learn more search on google for the following article:

Abandoned Kayaköy a symbol of war’s painful consequences

JANE AKATAY – FETHİYE, Muğla – Hürriyet News Agency