Joanne & Tom

Your hosts and the people behind Spectrum Turkey (the business name in Turkey is Cabrece, hence we have called the actual building Villa Cabrece) built this dedicated venue with mostly single bedrooms (which is more like their home, like a large private villa with lots of bedrooms) for specialist group holidays for activities such as yoga and meditation, healing, massage, therapy & other activities such as painting, walking, tapestry weaving not forgetting grief & loss (a passion for Joanne having lost her daughter Rebecca, aged 5, back in 2000 although grief isn’t just about the loss of a loved one, we grieve over so many things and in particular during these Covid times: break up of relationships, divorce, loss of a job, a home, a pet, your health, freedom and so many pleasures we took for granted).

Joanne and Tom, together with friends and investors Lester & Flo, and later Joanne’s half sister Penny, created Spectrum Turkey, where you will be offered a warm welcome, together with the local Turkish staff, recruited to provide you with a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable stay in this beautiful natural environment.

Founders & Hosts:  Joanne and Tom originate from the UK where they met when Tom was learning Swedish Body Massage, the same teacher Joanne had had the previous year when she was doing a  Stress Management Diploma (only months after the passing of Rebecca) which included a variety of other massages. They married on the beach here in Dalyan, choosing the 9th of May, the anniversary of  Joanne’s daughter’s passing, a truly special day to celebrate  Rebecca’s short life and the beginning of a brand new life for Joanne and Tom.

Sadly, since writing this, Tom has passed away (24th Sept 2019).  But this place is a legacy to him, holds so many memories.  So many guests know him from him joining in with the yoga, or joined him when he was singing.  He was a a very popular man in Dalyan, always smiling, whistling and positive.

Both from the north of England (Joanne from Nantwich, Cheshire and Tom, Tyldesley in Lancashire) but coming from very different directions in terms of work.  Tom had his own engineering companies until his early retirement when he started with working in the caring field.  Joanne had primarily been a secretary/PA eventually moving into Administration Management of large furniture & textile manufacturers producing for Ikea and other large household names, a very different working life to that of being a single parent of a child with Down’s Syndrome.  Joanne felt Rebecca was her wake up call – an Angel in disguise who came to teach her lessons in life and in coming/going changing and transforming her whole life.

Joanne & Tom continued to learn a variety of massages and therapies.  Joanne is now a specialist in Grief & Loss using various modalities but mostly Meridian Tapping/Matrix Reimprinting.

Tom used to write a column for our local paper, The Dalyan Times – Tom’s Jottings.

Investors extraordinaire! Lester Bailey & Flo (Felicity) Brockway from Cornwall.  Lester has his own building business and Flo is a teacher less ordinary – taking young children out of the classroom to experience nature and gain an understanding of skills long since lost by the majority.

Penny Fiddes a later investor – my (Joanne) half sister! Penny has every faith in the success of this venture and so we welcome her on board too. To read more about  Penny click here.