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All at Spectrum Turkey (Dalyan), at Villa Cabrece are proud to support Ambitious About Autism by offering holidays for fund raising events.  Last year with the help of the fabulous Cathy Underwood (Yoga4Mums) we raised £1,000 and gave several holidays away, plus a further £1,000 when a holiday was auctioned in November for this year.

These last few weeks we have offered a further 4 holidays for fund raising events – the London Marathon being one.

Last night, 8th April, we held the first draw for the fund raising we are doing ourselves – asking guests and people we know to donate to Ambitious About Autism, or a charity of their choice, for their names to go into the draw.  We’ve raised a few hundred pounds so far with the next draw taking place on the 9th May (the anniversary of my daughter’s passing – Rebecca, who happened to have Down’s Syndrome).  Helen, who won the holiday and is already booked to return for her 4th holiday, plans to come in October and bring her son, who happens to have Down’s Syndrome.

Having been a single parent of a child with ‘special needs’ who had serious medical issues I have an understanding of some of the issues which the children and parents in similar situations need help and support with.  It is my dream to have a dedicated week for parents and carers to come together at Spectrum to take a much deserved holiday, enjoy some time out and be with like-minded people.  It’s a healing environment being surrounded by natural colour therapy.  I’d also be happy to share some of my skills, to show our guests Meridian Tapping (EFT) which I believe is a healing tool for life – a natural, safe and proven technique which is thousands of years old.

Thanks to all who have donated so far, it is very much appreciated, brings a warm glow when I think of you.  Sending gratitude and appreciation to all who come and share Spectrum with us and all who spread the word.  We are truly blessed.


  • Joanne and Tom and all the staff at spectrum… what a wonderful, peaceful, loving, safe and healing space you have created at Spectrum. I can’t wait to come back and run my own [...]


    I had no idea of what to expect when I arrived at my first Pilates holiday, last year at Dalyan. Certainly some of the things I hoped for –  the sun, the Eastern [...]

    Brian Clark -

  • “I had a fear of public speaking but it’s part of my job to give presentations to large groups.  I was in floods of tears remembering when the fear was created but these [...]

    Sherie from Paris - France, Mind Harmony session -

    I was so worried about coming on holiday because I’d injured my foot and leg but Joanne and Tom gave me the confidence to come to Dalyan.  I have never felt so positive, [...]

    David Jones -

  • “I am not a confident swimmer, will only go into a swimming pool and swim in the shallow end, so there was no chance I’d go in the sea off a boat – [...]

    Penny Fiddes -

    I had been having twice weekly sessions with a Psychotherapist for 3 months but we achieved nothing in comparison to what was achieved during my Mind Harmony 4 Life sessions, unbelievable! My marriage [...]

    Annette, NZ -

  • I’ve suffered from depression for many years now, struggled to get out of bed at times, hid away in my home, didn’t want to see anyone, wouldn’t let anyone help me but was [...]

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    My relationship with my husband was way off track, I loved him but I also resented, hated and felt anger towards him for working away from home 5 days a week – I [...]

    Charlie, Bath -

  • Dear Spectrum Thank you for a wonderful experience – more than a holiday – I am so very glad we came. Fantastic yoga, tasty food (fresh & home-grown-made), inspiring environment and the loveliest [...]

    Judith Scott, Brighton -

    Dear Spectrum Thank you for a truly wonderful time: the yoga was inspiring, the food was scrummy; the people a pleasure to talk with. I recommend this place without hesitation or reservation, a [...]

    Marc C -


  • Ambitious About Autism By / 9th April, 2017


    All at Spectrum Turkey (Dalyan), at Villa Cabrece are proud to support Ambitious About Autism by offering holidays for fund raising events.

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